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April 22, 2016

More About PIE: Triage Committee

Jeannette McNamaraProduct

We get a lot of questions about how PIE ideas are reviewed and selected. This post will introduce you to the PIE Triage Committee who help drive this process.

Hi everyone, my name is Jeannette and I manage part of our Solution Engineering team here at D2L. I’ve been with the company for over ten years; I’ve worked with many client-users as a product trainer, account manager, and I now work on the pre-sales side. Because of this experience, I was asked to sit on our Product Idea Exchange (PIE) Triage Committee to provide input and context around client ideas for our product teams. I’d like to tell you about this little-known group, who we are, what…

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April 18, 2016

New Feature Introduction: API Error Handling

Maja KokotovicBlog

The 10.6.0 release of Brightspace introduces a new feature that catches errors in API calls and generates appropriate responses.


In 10.6.0, Brightspace introduces a new error handling feature that provides descriptive responses for error messages. With this feature, calling APIs incorrectly results in status codes more consistent with the HTTP standard and may return more descriptive JSON error objects.

The Details 

You may notice that error responses now provide a JSON document body that can include the following fields: 

  • Type: a URI that uniquely identifies the error type and links to the Valence…
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