Vision & Mission

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Vision & Mission
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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Community is all about people sharing something in common. For D2L’s many clients, users, partners and developers, that something is education and the desire to learn. The Brightspace Community is cultivated by a group of D2L employees whose #1 goal is to make our clients and users happy. Our vision for this community is to provide resources and opportunities to connect with other members in a way that supports teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Our long-term vision for our community is to enable:

Network iconProfessional Network Building and Strengthening

Help members build new connections and strengthen existing connections with each other. Increase connectivity of the community's professional network, with the hopes that new connections improve information flow, collaboration, employee satisfaction, and information sharing.

Resources iconAccess to Relevant Resources

Increase the productivity of members by producing and distributing assets, methodologies, best practices, and "how-to" that members can use in their day to day lives as they interact with our products.

Learning iconCommunity Learning

Provide community members with opportunities to learn from other community members and leaders, synchronously or asynchronously. Focus on members gaining new knowledge or awareness through interactive information sharing amongst themselves: members create and consume each other's content and answer each other's questions.

New iconChange and Something New

Encourage members to explore alternative perspectives or practices, think or act in new ways, produce new ideas, and solve problems. This process may involve brainstorming, gathering feedback or opinions, or research. The results might be applied to new or existing products, services, or processes.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To help our clients, users, and make their goals and aspirations for teaching and learning possible. We will:

Listen iconListen

Listen to better understand the needs, wants, talents, and demographics of the Community.

Support iconSupport

Support users trying to find answers to questions and resources to support their work with Brightspace technology.

Facilitate iconFacilitate

Facilitate connection with D2L staff and with clients, partners, users and developers to collaborate on projects that will be beneficial to the entire Community.

ContinuityContinuously Improve

Continuously adapt and improve the community site and experience to meet the needs of our members. Our community is a living thing and we've put the technology and resources in place to adapt and improve the community site with agility.


Cultivate contributors to community resources by helping them become authors, collaborators and community leaders.


Enable the pursuit of lifelong learning in the field of eLearning.

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