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Login Pages are Changing! Why?

By Christin Wallace

Why Convert
• LPM is customer-configurable.
• LPM changes can be previewed before adopting them
• LPM receives security and feature updates as Brightspace evolves – the custom pages do not.

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Tackling Data Access with the Brightspace Data Sets

By Sarah-Beth Bianchi

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Remembering 2016 - Recap of Capture 9.0-9.3

By Oriana Wong

2016 was an exciting year for Capture as it was the birth of Capture 9, as a response to your most desired requests. It's the same great lecture capture tool with a technology refresh and a plethora of great new features and fixes resulting in a much improved user experience. Release notes and supporting documentation are summarized below for quick and easy access.

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Upgrade your D2L Capture product to the latest version; Capture 8.6 and below are deprecated.

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Capture Upgrade FAQ

By Oriana Wong

This page provides answers to some of your burning questions when it comes to upgrading your D2L product. This is a living document and will be updated as we hear from you.

Have a question we missed? Post it in the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Brightspace Seasonal Release - Spring17

By Jeff Stevenson – 2 Comments

Our Spring17 Release includes items from the December, January, February and March monthly releases (Continuous Delivery Releases), as well as our upcoming April Release.

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iOS D2L Assignment Grader Product Advisory

By Joshua van Wijk – 4 Comments

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Update regarding current status of users having DNS issues

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Quiz Tool - Improving on "Long Answer"

By Marilyn Powers – 5 Comments

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  • Ellucian Integration…
    Neil Griffin says:
    Mike, besides the final grade, will there be an option to export scores to the WebAdvisor Gradebook?
    3 days ago
  • Insert Stuff (ISF) Y…
    Nancy Evans says:
    We are still setting this and we are at 10.7. Your article states it should have been fixed in LE 10.3.0 SP20 and LE 10.4.12.  What gives?
    2 weeks ago
  • Ellucian Integration…
    Mike Kaastra says:
    Renee Judd‍, Thanks for filling out the survey. Now that we're further into testing with real schools, I can give some answers to your specific questions:

    User Enrollments in higher Org Units is not currently covered in the messages we receive from ILP.
    There are currently not additional properties for users and courses in the messages we…
    2 weeks ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Jonathan Sorrenti says:
    Hey all. Here is a link to the video I created on the Course Images and Banner Tool:
    This is my 10.7 Daylight Learner/Student Playlist:
    This is my 10.7 Daylight Instructor/Faculty Playlist:…
    6 weeks ago
  • Brightspace Integrat…
    Joel McNee says:
    For any folks wanting to see further information,  the webinar noted in this post is posted in our Community at the following location:
    7 weeks ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Renee Judd says:
    Personally, running counter to the tide at my institution, I actually like the idea of different images for different courses. If all the courses in a department have the same image, that provides no information to students. Already our course templates are way too standardized and students, instructors and designers get confused about where they…
    2 months ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Chantal Bouchard says:
    Hi Jeff,
    Some pictures that appears for a specific course randomly is not always representative of the content of the course. Per example, having a tree for a finance course. It is also a little bit to busy in color. Having pictures that represent the content will be more appropriate in case of the teacher doesn't add one.
    2 months ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Jeff Geurts says:
    Chantal Bouchard‍, yes you're correct, this is not currently possible (without manually assigning images to the courses in question).
    Renee Judd‍, I'm sorry to hear that, that's unexpected. Can you tell us more about the feedback you're getting? I'd like to understand why it is so negative so we can try to improve things!
    2 months ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Chantal Bouchard says:
    Renee, I was actually doing some search about having one consistent branded images per department or at least one branded image for all courses. So, if I understand, this is not possible?
    2 months ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Renee Judd says:
    We have had 100% negative feedback on the images from about 10 testers. I think we will find a way to leverage the course images to our benefit, but honestly it is a headache we don't need and don't have time for. Our designers are asking to either turn off the images or to have one consistent, branded image for all courses. As I said, I think we…
    2 months ago

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