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Update regarding current status of users having DNS issues

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Quiz Tool - Improving on "Long Answer"

By Marilyn Powers – 4 Comments

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Short Answer Grading - Upcoming Changes

By Stephen Michaud

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Ellucian Integration Updates

By Mike Kaastra – 4 Comments

D2L and Ellucian are collaborating, you should too!

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Clarification on the Turnitin integration (Version 1)

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Who is the Customer Support Team?

By Jessica Rischel – 2 Comments

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Brightspace Seasonal Release – Autumn16

By Jeff Stevenson

Our Autumn16 Release includes items from the August, September and October monthly releases (Continuous Delivery Releases), as well as our upcoming November Release.

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The Dos & Don’ts of Data Restoration

By Jordan Snider – 3 Comments

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  • The Daylight Design …
    Renee Judd says:
    Hi, Serenia Tam‍  I'm on a Mac. Of course good things look even better on my built-in retina display, and my older Dell external monitor has problems with some of the lighter color textured backgrounds I like like to use. They effectively flatten out and disappear. (That's one reason why I have the Dell monitor! It keeps me honest.) But on both…
    21 hours ago
  • The Daylight Design …
    Serenia Tam says:
    Colors, Regolith (#F9FAFB) and Woolonardo (#F2F3F5), disappeared on some monitors. I've adjusted the colors and contrast on those monitors but can't make the colors appear. Colors for Body Class 1 is also too light. Are these colors designed on Macs? 
    22 hours ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Brian St Amour says:
    Brian St. Amour, Director eLearning Temple College
    I can appreciate that things can go wrong however your news posts significantly downplays what occurred.  While the fix was in place quickly it took up to or beyond 24- 48 hours for many of our off campus students to be able to access the D2L portal.   We received hundreds of calls and emails…
    8 days ago
  • Brightspace Integrat…
    Mike Kaastra says:
    Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar today! We'll be posting information about accessing the recording shortly.
    In the meantime, we invite those who have had experience with the Brightspace Turnitin Integration to respond to this survey. This will help give us a clearer understanding of how we're doing and what we can do to better support…
    8 days ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Andy Freed says:
    The list of local ISPs is all over the board so far. Sadly, the only sure-fire way to resolve this has been to walk students through using the Google DNS, but that's not something we're comfortable having most users do. Despite our outreach, lots of students just assume we're still offline for day #2.
    2 weeks ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Kristin Rivedal says:
    Expecting average users to go through the outlined steps to add DNS servers is completely unreasonable. They are far more likely to create more problems than they resolve.
    2 weeks ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Andy Freed says:
    Like Scott, We're still seeing students who are unable to access our D2L server. We can walk them through using Google's public DNS, but that's a lot of manual labor.  We're trying to identify which ISPs still have old DNS info, but it's a slow process.
    2 weeks ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Scott Vann says:
    It's been over 24 hours now and our help desk is still receiving calls with students not being able to access our learning environment. Having a student clear their DNS is not an easy solution via phone. We are currently having to get students to VPN into our network to access D2L. It can take up to 72 hours for various ISPs to propagate DNS…
    2 weeks ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Michelle Piper says:
    We are still getting reports as of this morning. Our Helpdesk is on a 30 -45 minute wait time due to the volume of calls coming in from students and faculty off site. Heading into a weekend, I am extremely nervous about the ongoing issues. While some are capable of following the steps provided in this article, for many it is either beyond their…
    2 weeks ago
  • Update Feb 11 2017: …
    Michael Flewwelling says:
    Hi Neil.  We continue to monitor the situation as the DNS updates are propagated.  Our primary goal at this point is to ensure access is restored to any users who are impacted.   As per our standard practice D2L will complete a thorough investigation into this event.  
    2 weeks ago

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