Dev Environment

Members of the Dev CoP have access to a shared Dev Environment. This site is being maintained in order to enable members to experiment with Brightspace extensibility technologies in a sandbox environment. 

Intended uses for the site

  • Send and receive data through API calls from the API Test Tool or your own custom code
  • Explore the use of LTI through External Learning Tools or Remote Plugins
  • Run samples against a sandbox instance

Activities not appropriate for the site

  • Importing private data - You are responsible for ensuring any data you upload to the Dev Environment is appropriate for public display
  • High load activities - Out of courtesy to others using this Dev Environment, do not run high-load activities (i.e. import of large amounts of data) that will impact the performance of the site
  • Longterm development of a solution - This site will be upgraded and the data will be refreshed on a regular basis. Contact your D2L Account Manager or Partner Manager for access to appropriate environments for longterm development projects
  • General Brightspace product testing - Learn how you can access the right combination of Brightspace Solutions through the trial program

How to access the site

The Dev Environment is available at

A basic student account has been configured so that public users can perform basic actions against the Dev Enviornment, for example via the API Test Tool.

Username: DevCoPStudent
Password: /10T41.Vf\0w~=O
Note: This account has been enrolled in Academic Skills (AS200) and Rose Academy (RA101) as a Student.

Additional user accounts with higher permissions have been created to enable broader access to API functionality against this Dev Environment. Note: The Dev Environment Credentials section below will display these credentials to logged-in users only.

Dev Environment Credentials (Dev CoP Members Only)

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