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We provide support for the developer platform through a number of channels, depending upon the nature of your issue or question.

If you...Then...
Have a question about an API, Tool, or code you are working on

Search, then, post to the forums.

We also monitor D2L Q&A on StackOverflow (please tag your question with Desire2Learn so our contributors will see your post).

Have identified a candidate defect or an LE configuration issue preventing you from using the Valence development platformIf you are a D2L client, you can ask your organization's Approved Support Contact to report this defect to the D2L Help Desk; if you are a D2L partner please report this defect to your D2L Partner Manager.
Want to submit a product idea or feature requestIf you are a D2L client, you can submit an idea to the Product Ideas Exchange. (A login for the client area of the Community LE is required to access PIE. Your organization's Approved Support Contact should have access via their Brightspace Community account.) You can also post a link to your idea in the forums to encourage others to upvote it.
Want API examples or samplesCheck out the blog and GitHub account.
Have a question about our D2L Partner ProgramVisit our Partner Program home page, or if you're already a partner, email your D2L Partner Manager.
Have other questions about Valence not addressed by the previous resourcesEmail the Valence inbox.

Technical Questions Forum

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QuestionD2LValence-Util Examples/Documentation

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