Resources Overview

Resources Overview

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Resource Overview


Help Packages
Semester Start Toolkit
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Continuous Delivery

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Shared Resources

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Help Packages

Help Packages provide online help documentation for end-users in an HTML format. These packages are specific to Brightspace versions and role-specific user audiences. Help Packages can be imported into your own Brightspace instance can be customized to match your institution’s branding, terms, system settings, etc. D2L updates these packages on a monthly basis if changes are applicable.

Use cases:

  • Customize and embed Help Packages in the Brightspace Learning Environment (LE) using these instructions.
  • Customize and use in IT help or support portals outside the Brightspace LE.
  • Import into the Brightspace LE and link to Learner, Instructor, and index pages using custom links in navigation bars.
  • Use custom widgets in the Brightspace LE with release conditions for specific roles that link directly to the unzipped package files.

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Video Tutorial Course Packages

Video Tutorial Course Packages are HTML-based files containing embedded Brightspace Tutorial YouTube videos in a Brightspace LE export package format. These packages for Learners, Instructors, and Administrators can be imported as separate or individual course offerings in the Brightspace Learning Environment, or you can then tailor the content to match your institutional needs. These course packages are updated for 10.5+ (Continuous Delivery) every month.

Use cases:

  • Video Tutorial Course Packages are often used for role-based orientation programs and courses delivered through the Brightspace LE.

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Help Guides

Help Guides provide role-based documentation for Learners, Instructors, Course Designers, and Administrators and are available for applicable products. These guides are provided in Microsoft® Word format for easy modification. These are released on a monthly basis if there are product changes that impact the help materials. Guides are located within the product-specific folders. For example, Assessment Guides are found under Documentation>Learning Environment>D2L Learning Environment 10.5 Assessments - Instructor Guide.

Use cases:

  • Help Guides are frequently downloaded, modified and shared.
  • If you wish to use Help Guides as is, embed them directly from the Brightspace Community so you don’t have to modify or re-share them.

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Release Notes

In support of our monthly Continuous Deliver (CD) releases, we provide a Product & Services Preview (6 month roadmap), Preview Release Notes (3 weeks prior to general availability of a monthly release) and final Release Notes are provided at the beginning of the monthly upgrade window. These are provided in an interactive HTML format and in a Microsoft® Word document. A Release Highlight Video is also provided at the beginning of the monthly upgrade window. Please note that the Product & Services Preview document is only available to registered Brightspace Community Members who are logged into this site.

Use cases:

  • HTML release notes are helpful to quickly identify upcoming features and changes.
  • Release Notes in document-formats are provided at the beginning of the upgrade window and are often used to update standalone reference materials (i.e. cut and paste descriptions into existing materials or used to indicate what changes need to be made).

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Brightspace Tutorials

The Brightspace Tutorials YouTube channel provides hundreds of video tutorials designed for administrators, instructors, and learners that cover the most frequently used aspects of our Brightspace solutions.

We encourage you to subscribe to the channel so you are notified when new videos are added to the channel. Embedding individual videos, playlists, or providing links to your learners, instructors and admins are an efficient way to provide your users with high level contextual view of the most commonly used features.

Use cases:

  • Individual videos are often embedded in resource materials.
  • Embedding playlists is an efficient way to ensure you always receive the latest and greatest videos as they are updated.

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Brightspace Help

Brightspace Help is a comprehensive and fully searchable responsive collection of how-to and conceptual information for D2L products. It also includes resources such as microservices information, platform requirements, accessibility documentation, and Semester Start FAQs.

Use cases:

  • Link directly to the site from within your instance.
  • Find answers to your troubleshooting questions regarding D2L products.

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