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Effective Practice Sheets

Effective Practice Sheets are intended to provide information about effective practices in a standardized, document-based format, making it easier to discover, customize and use these practices within your organization.

To share your effective practices, please follow these instructions: >

  • 1. Download the template.
  • 2. Populate all the fields and areas of the template.
  • 3. Upload your completed template.
  • 4. You can upload multiple Effective Practice Sheets at once.
  • 5. Your submission will be held for review before final publishing.
  • 6. Upon final publishing, your submission will include a new cover-page and will exclude the Vertical, Persona and Coursona section of the document. Content in this section will be applied as labels (tags) on your submission.
  • 7. Receive final notification that your file has been published.
  • 8. Share with your colleagues!
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